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J.P. Morgan is one of the leading practitioners of financial and risk management in the financial services industry. Simply put, our Finance division is accountable for the delivery of financial information, whether for an individual business area or for the firm's overall results. Finance also provides financial and capital-related information to regulators. Because Finance professionals are integrated into every business, geography and function, their role is both collaborative and advisory.

With an extensive span of functions and variety of clients, the Asia Pacific team aims to provide world-class financial management services in an accurate, reliable and cost-effective manner to our internal and external clients. By delivering strategic business decision support and innovative and creative financial solutions, together with efficient operational and transactional capabilities, Finance is a trusted partner to the different lines of business and an acknowledged contributor to the profitability and growth of the firm.

Finance services in Asia Pacific cover 15 locations and support each line of business. They also play a critical role in supporting the strategies of the firm. Each office has its own unique geographical and cultural considerations, and we take advantage of these wherever possible. Processing functions are largely based in India, while other locations are centers of excellence for financial/business information and operating risk.

A fortress balance sheet
Finance allows J.P. Morgan to develop and maintain strong financial discipline through good times and bad. By following sound accounting standards, transparent public reporting and providing first-rate management information systems, our finance professionals ensure that we are delivering high quality, recurring and predictable earnings that allow senior management to make sound decisions.

We have created and maintained a fortress balance sheet, ensuring appropriate reserves and strong capital ratios. This has given us the ability to withstand difficult events in the current market, and the flexibility to deploy capital as we see fit, be it in dividends, or integrations such as Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual.