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Sales & Trading

High energy. The thrill of the deal. Big decisions. Early mornings. Immediate rewards. A career in Sales & Trading isn't for the faint-hearted. But for those who can balance risk-taking with sound judgment, there's nothing quite like it.

Put yourself in the center of the global markets

J.P. Morgan is one of the world's largest trading firms, renowned globally for our breadth of services and unparalleled expertise. Our teams create markets in virtually all major asset classes. We engineer sophisticated financial solutions to help clients manage risk, increase returns and solve complex financial problems. Globally, we hold leadership positions across the equity and fixed-income product spectrum and have major hubs in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

The breadth of our global product platform is a powerful business generator. Satisfying client needs is our foremost concern, and by assembling expert teams using a cross-sectional approach, rather than just by departmental or product categories, our clients get better service and better results. This approach also means that you'll get to enjoy a more challenging and interesting range of business issues. We take part in a steady stream of IPOs and secondary offerings, and attract a constant flow of trading assignments. And we are a leading innovator in the derivatives markets, structuring derivatives to solve clients' complex and often unique financial problems. In addition, our teams in Sales & Trading work closely with our award-winning Research teams to provide our leading client franchise with integrated, tailored products and efficient execution.

We are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead. Thanks to our award-winning products and cutting-edge technology, our people have the support they need to do their jobs. Thanks to our commitment to meritocracy when promoting our people, the speed of your progress will be largely up to you.

The business groups

Our Sales & Trading business is split into seven interrelated groups:

The team specializes in trading, structuring and principal investing of metal and energy products, and brings a wealth of experience in risk management solutions that meet the needs of institutional and corporate clients.

J.P. Morgan is a premier market maker in credit derivatives, corporate bonds, secondary loans, and corporate debt obligations. Credit Trading is a leader in the market in terms of volume traded, issuers traded, and investor relationships while providing liquidity to clients such as banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, pension funds, and hedge funds. Traders, salespeople, and research analysts work as a team to provide liquidity in High Grade Bonds/CDS, High Yield Bonds/CDS, Loans/LCDS, Distressed Debt, Preferred Stock, Trade Claims, Credit Default Indices, Short-term Fixed Income, Private Placements, Structured Products, and Flow Exotics.

Global Credit Syndicate works in partnership with Investment Banking teams, Capital Markets, and Credit Trading to combine superior debt origination and structuring expertise with exceptional distribution and trading capabilities to a large investor base.

Emerging Markets

The Emerging Markets group delivers the full range of credit, rates and foreign exchange products related to emerging countries across Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Products include:

  • Corporate securities
  • Credit default swaps
  • Derivatives
  • External debt
  • Foreign exchange
  • Interest rate swaps
  • Local currency debt
  • Structured products

The group consists of salespeople speaking to clients, traders managing risk, economists and strategists, debt origination specialists and syndication managers, and the marketing team who work on off-the-beaten-path trades and ideas.

Equities are essentially shares or certificates that represent a part ownership of an organization. Equity markets provide companies with a chance to raise capital. The Equities group executes trades, markets research ideas and provides trading ideas and market color to clients, while offering worldwide execution capabilities across all exchanges and electronic networks.

Foreign Exchange
The Foreign Exchange (FX) group is responsible for the sale, trading and corporate derivative marketing of FX products such as Currencies and FX Options. We are one of the largest providers of liquidity to the currency markets worldwide. The currency markets trade 24 hours a day and are the largest in dollar volume across markets.

The Rates group is largely concerned with government debt and interest rates driven by macroeconomic factors such as growth, inflation, monetary policy and government fiscal policies. These are the largest, most global and actively traded markets. The group makes markets, provides risk management solutions and arranges financing to support corporations, financial institutions and governments.

The roles

As an Analyst you can join us in one of the three roles:

In Sales, you will help maintain relationships with institutional investors and match our services and products to their needs. You will work with Trading and Research teams to provide comprehensive client coverage, including fulfilling client requests for market updates, pricing, executing client orders and providing institutional clients with information about specific securities. You may also provide marketing ideas and help initiate transactions.

In Trading, you will help senior traders price securities and make markets in your group's particular range of products for institutional clients. You will assist the senior traders in managing risk, liquidity and exposure and you may support all aspects of the trading desk: pre-trade analysis, research on index constituent changes, inbound and outbound trade processing and the design of optimal strategies for large trades. Tracking supply and demand, you constantly evaluate market developments in order to give clients accurate product information.

In Structuring you will work with a wide variety of clients across industries to structure and place asset-backed securities with a broad spectrum of investors and structure asset-backed commercial paper conduit facilities. You will work closely with Sales and Trading desks to understand the spectrum of how the process works from product origination to its actual trade on the market.

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