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Investment Banking

Within Investment Banking, you will join as an Analyst or Associate in one of these four areas: Industry Teams, Mergers & Acquisitions, Equity Capital Markets or Debt Capital Markets. Whichever team you join us in, however, you can expect exposure to senior clients and major deals from a very early stage in your career. That's a promise, but it's also a word of caution; not everybody's ready for that kind of responsibility.

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The magnitude of an Analyst/Associate's job

No job is more important than that of an Analyst and Associate. Our client solutions and advice are drawn from the data you analyze, and their success relies entirely on the integrity of the underlying analysis. That's why we ask much more of you than simply running numbers; we expect you to read the numbers, understand the story they tell, identify trends and patterns - and speak up if you see a better way. You need to be able to deconstruct and reconstruct the numbers and understand how they all fit together.

Responsibility from the start

As an Analyst or Associate, specific responsibilities may include but not limited to :

  • performing financial valuation, discounted cash flow and multiples-based analyses
  • building and using financial models
  • preparing presentation materials and participating in deal pitches
  • conducting industry and product research
  • executing client transactions from start to closing

Can you do this?

It's all about teamwork allied to individual flair. Diversity is essential within the Investment Banking division, which is why J.P. Morgan recruits from a wide range of backgrounds and many degree disciplines. However, there are personal qualities and core skills that are key requirements for a role in Investment Banking. A genuine interest in financial markets is essential, but you will also require a proven academic performance and the ability to demonstrate solid numerical and analytical skills. Fluency in English is necessary, and proficiency in an Asian language is advantageous.

We are looking for people with real enthusiasm, evident team-working and communication skills and a genuinely global outlook. Teamwork and project management skills are critical, given that any project typically involves not only various groups within J.P. Morgan, but also the company's management team, lawyers, auditors, other syndicate members and consultants. You will need the self-confidence required to assess and understand our clients' needs and the creativity that sees that the right solution is identified and delivered.

Our Analysts and Associates take on a high profile role and early responsibility in one of the world's most competitive industries - you will be accountable for the quality and accuracy of the work you produce.

The hours can be long and the stress levels can be high. Investment banking is a lifestyle choice, so be sure that you have the stamina that will keep you focused and committed to seeing projects through, regardless of the pressure. The good news is that you will work within a culture renowned throughout the industry as one of the most supportive and proactive.

How to apply

Please refer to our How to Apply page for specific deadlines and application details.