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Investment Banking


As a full-time Analyst within Investment Banking, you could join one of four key business areas: 

  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Equity Capital Markets
  • Merger and Acquisitions
  • Industry Coverage

Read about these product and industry groups in our Business Areas section.

What to expect?

As an Investment Banking Analyst, you'll learn to carry out in-depth company and sector research, analyze the data and draw financial and strategic conclusions from your work. You will then present the results to the client creatively and persuasively, ready to clarify and debate any given aspect with confidence.

You'll very quickly be working in small teams alongside senior J.P. Morgan professionals and clients, absorbing a vast amount of industry, country and product knowledge. Your contact with clients — often the CEOs or CFOs of large corporations and government representatives — will be an education in itself and the experience and accessibility of everyone around you will make the whole process happen at a phenomenal rate.

Training and Development

Our global training programs are designed to transform high-potential individuals into high-performing Investment Banking Analysts.

In addition to equipping you with the skills required of an Investment Banking Analyst at J.P. Morgan, you'll also develop an understanding of the firm's power and global reach. You'll meet with senior management, individuals who have been instrumental in changing the dynamics of the industry, and peers from around the world. Most importantly, you will appreciate how our culture and core values affect everything we do with both internal and external clients.

Train with the best to be the best
The seven-week Investment Banking Training Program takes place in New York, giving you the chance to gain a truly global view of the firm. Delivered by specialist consultants with recognized expertise in their fields, as well as our own experienced J.P. Morgan professionals, the training program closes the gap between theory and practice. It's a challenging and interactive learning process with extensive use of deal-based case studies and in-depth modeling workshops. Concepts and skills to be mastered include those related to:

  • Market economics
  • Accounting
  • Applied corporate finance
  • Financial modeling
  • M&A/Valuation 
  • Capital markets products
  • Credit analysis

Business-specific training is also provided to ensure that you are equipped with the technical skills required in your assigned business units.

You'll be joined by your Investment Banking peers from around the world as we encourage teamwork and the establishment of working relationships among fellow Analysts. The training program represents a great opportunity to develop a global network of colleagues who will provide you with advice, ideas and business contacts throughout your career.

Continuous learning
Your training doesn't stop once you return from New York. We view continuous professional development as a key part of our culture and our commitment to you as an employee.

Investment Banking (IB) University
Our Global IB University provides a dedicated program of ongoing learning opportunities for our analysts in Investment Banking. This continues to be a great success due to the commitment and support from senior management.

Our aim is to enhance skills and knowledge across different business groups. With this in mind, IB University offers a curriculum based on:

  • Core curriculum: These courses are designed to develop the technical and soft skills required at each stage of an analyst and associate career in Investment Banking.
  • Tracks: Product and technical sessions are designed to provide the minimum required product and technical knowledge to succeed in a particular business group. Track sessions are a more structured set of technical presentations specifically tailored to the needs of each business group, and they are aimed primarily at analysts.

We want to make it easy for you to make the most of the expertise of those already working at J.P. Morgan. As a result, you will have the opportunity to participate in a formal mentoring scheme, which pairs analysts and associates with more experienced members of the firm. This program helps cement our mentoring culture and supports analysts and associates in the initial stages of their careers.

One of the advantages of working for a large, multinational firm is the numerous career opportunities offered. To provide easier access to these various career paths, we have a network of senior people within Investment Banking who have been charged with acting as mobility facilitators for the business.

We believe in giving analysts and associate the opportunity to shape the firm immediately. There are roles on some of our internal leadership councils that are offered to top performing analysts and associates who display leadership potential, to work with senior managers on areas such as recruiting, retaining, training and developing our future talent.

Can you do this?

It's all about teamwork allied to individual flair. Diversity is essential within the Investment Banking division, which is why J.P. Morgan recruits from a wide range of backgrounds and many degree disciplines. However, there are personal qualities and core skills that are key requirements for a role in Investment Banking. A genuine interest in financial markets is essential, but you will also require a proven academic performance and the ability to demonstrate solid numerical and analytical skills. Fluency in English is necessary, and proficiency in an Asian language is advantageous.

We are looking for people with real enthusiasm, evident team-working and communication skills and a genuinely global outlook. Teamwork and project management skills are critical, given that any project typically involves not only various groups within J.P. Morgan, but also the company's management team, lawyers, auditors, other syndicate members and consultants. You will need the self-confidence required to assess and understand our clients' needs and the creativity that sees that the right solution is identified and delivered.

Our Analysts take on a high profile role and early responsibility in one of the world's most competitive industries - you will be accountable for the quality and accuracy of the work you produce.

The hours can be long and the stress levels can be high. Investment banking is a lifestyle choice, so be sure that you have the stamina that will keep you focused and committed to seeing projects through, regardless of the pressure. The good news is that you will work within a culture renowned throughout the industry as one of the most supportive and proactive.

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