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Responsibility is an essential component of the company's success. It is a part of what we do - and who we are - as a firm. Our social and environmental initiatives bring together our business expertise, philanthropic commitments and employee outreach to have the broadest impact on the community. 

Many of our responsibility initiatives and policies are started by concerned individuals who simply want to make a difference. Over the last five years, we have given more than $600 million to 13,500 organizations globally.

Our investments have helped inner-city young adults find jobs, funded education programs, supported organizations serving the base of the economic pyramid, and raised money for relief in countries plagued by natural disasters such as Haiti and Taiwan. We help in practical ways - where it matters.

Financial services can be a pretty intense lifestyle choice, so you might be surprised by just how many of our people contribute their time for the benefit of others. Each year, J.P. Morgan supports over 1,800 employee led volunteer projects that make a significant contribution to the communities in which we operate.

Corporate Responsibility report 

Read the J.P. Morgan 2013 Corporate Responsibility report.

You can get involved

Vote in our global Give-It-Away campaign for a worthy cause to win a significant donation from J.P. Morgan.To learn more about these programs, visit Give-It-Away.