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Managing Risk has never been so important

When organizations want to maximize their chances of success, they come to us. Our products and expertise enable our clients – some of the world’s biggest businesses – to achieve their goals.

Everything we do as a firm incurs some level of risk. We can’t achieve our clients’, or our own goals, without it. But to ensure our success is sustainable, we have to manage those risks. The better we are at that, the more we grow as a firm.

When we do business, we have to consider a wide range of risks, including:

  • Not being repaid by our clients
  • Market events causing trading losses
  • Reputational damage to the bank
  • Sovereign, political and macroeconomic events causing losses for us and our clients
  • Regulatory changes impacting our work

How do we manage risk?

We partner with clients to understand their needs and capabilities.  We work with traders to understand market dynamics. We partner with global governments to develop financial regulations. And we do all this while ensuring that the risks we take are ultimately understood and – where possible – mitigated.

That’s just a snapshot of what we do – but it shows the sheer scale of our work. Being so central to the firm’s success, Risk gives you the chance to enjoy a high-profile career, with opportunities to influence the success of the wider Corporate and Investment Bank.

As the world’s needs become more complex, risks become greater – and our role becomes even more important. You’ll become an expert problem solver – as long as you have the perseverance to reach answers that aren’t immediately obvious.

Where do you fit in?

There are two main business areas within our Risk business – Credit and Market Risk. When you apply to us, you’ll be able to tell us your preference, but we also take into account the skills you’re able to demonstrate when making the final decision as to where you’re placed. Regardless of where you end up, you’ll need intelligence, ambition, perseverance and an inquisitive mind.

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