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In the course of Investment Banking and Trading activities, J.P. Morgan is exposed to risks linked to both the clients we face and the way markets move. The management of these risks is undertaken by professionals working in Credit Risk and Market Risk.

Taking risk is fundamental to our business. Whether we’re providing financing to our clients or entering into contracts to take away market risk for a client, we will incur some risk. Our job is to make sure we understand and manage these risks.  To achieve this, employees in Risk work with clients and colleagues across the bank and are an integral part of deal teams. Time is of the essence and due to the ever-changing nature of risks in a global market place; we have to stay on top of our game. As a result, responsibilities come early, the learning curve is steep and work is always varied, dynamic and fast-paced.

Risk matters

As global financial events since 2008 have demonstrated, risk management is central to the success or failure of a financial institution. It’s also high on the agenda of a multitude of stakeholders, from investors and clients to regulators and commentators. At J.P. Morgan, risk management is at the very heart of what we do as a business. Our culture of seeking to understand the risks around everything that we do has benefited our organisation and our clients enormously in the past as well as in current times. Placing risk management at the centre of every decision has never been so important and it means that if you choose to join Risk you will play a key role in the bank’s future successes.

We hire interns and graduates into both Credit Risk and Market Risk.

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