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Partnering with schools and other non-profit organisations, J.P. Morgan provides financial and practical support for initiatives that broaden and deepen learning opportunities for young people. The firm is committed to supporting educational initiatives within EMEA, and is working in partnership with a wide range of non-profit organisations to help students prepare for, and gain access to, further education. These partnerships include:

Widening Access to Higher Education

J.P. Morgan is committed to promoting and supporting access to higher education and preparation for university. In the recent past, J.P. Morgan awarded a grant of more than $600,000 to the University College London Widening Access Horizons programme — a multi-layered series of activities in London focusing on raising the academic attainment of 14–18 year olds, many of whom are first-generation immigrants from professional parents who are unable to work in the United Kingdom The programme not only helps students enhance their academic performance, it also challenges them and their families to think beyond school, to the benefits of higher education and future success.

Curriculum Innovation

We recognise that good education provision requires innovative and effective curriculum. The firm recently committed a donation to Injaz al-Arab, the Middle East & North Africa (MENA)'s headquarters for Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide. Through a dedicated volunteer network, Injaz provides in-school and after-school programmes for students that focus on three key areas: work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. The donation has enabled Injaz to introduce and adapt an innovative and effective business success skills curriculum to the market's most vulnerable and underserved population.

Youth Leadership

J.P. Morgan is committed to promoting leadership at all levels and across industries. The firm has recently partnered with the Young Foundation on the charity's Uprising initiative. The programme seeks to act as a long-term catalyst for leadership in the United Kingdom. Uprising's mission is to transform and modernise the pathways to leadership by finding, training and supporting an aspirational and diverse group of young people to take up positions of power and influence. Its vision is to create a generation of leaders who reflect modern Britain.

J.P. Morgan School Mentoring programme

Key to J.P. Morgan's support of education is our employees' involvement in partnership with the financial assistance the firm gives.

United Kingdom
The J.P. Morgan School Mentoring programme in the United Kingdom has continued to flourish since it started eight years ago. Through weekly lunchtime sessions, employees visit two local primary schools in Hackney to assist children with reading and maths skills.

Local secondary school students visit their mentors at J.P. Morgan's offices, where they are given assistance both with their academic studies and their personal development. At the same time, through these regular sessions, they are given the opportunity to learn more about J.P. Morgan and investment banking as a possible career choice.

More than 200 employees are involved in the programme, supporting more than 300 students. The firm donates more than $1million worth of man-hours each year to support our employees volunteering their time and expertise.

J.P. Morgan established a partnership with FRATELI to develop and expand its existing mentoring programme to high achieving and low income students living in provincial cities and towns as well as in rural areas in France. The mentor relationships Frateli implements and monitors significantly increase the performance of the students. After four years of mentoring, 85% of the first students who came on the programme have achieved their goal of being accepted to study degree courses at the grandes écoles in management and business, engineering and political sciences institutes.

The School Mentorship programme was launched in our German office in 2007. J.P. Morgan mentors are working with students ages 6 to 16 in the Karmeliter School in Frankfurt on a weekly basis to build their German and English skills (85% of students come from non-German speaking families) and their maths skills. Mentors help the older students prepare for applying to jobs and apprenticeships.

The City of Frankfurt has recently recognized our activities with this scheme and invited the Karmeliter School as well as J.P. Morgan mentors, alongside two other school partnerships, to a presentation and panel discussion at the townhall.