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Don't throw it away - Give-It-Away

Everything we do is about investing in the future. So, rather than handing out pens and notebooks that will eventually be thrown away and tell you nothing about the way we do business, we take the money that would otherwise have been spent on giveaways and provide you with something much more valuable: first-hand experience of our philanthropic work. Give-It-Away gives you the chance to vote on which non-profit organization will receive a regional charitable donation from J.P. Morgan.

A history of giving

Since 2006, our Give-It-Away campaign has donated over US$500,000 to causes across the globe. In doing so, we’ve helped to improve community facilities, education and workforce readiness. Click here to read more about how our previous winners have put their Give-It-Away donations to use.

Help us give back

This year, we’ll be working with organizations that help create jobs and prepare workers for employment. It’s your chance to part of the legacy and VOTE to Give-It-Away. To find out more about this year's organizations and to submit your vote, select your region from the options below:

Please click here to read the Official Give-It-Away Program Rules