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No freebies, gifts or giveaways.

We’ve made it a global goal to strengthen the communities we work in. So instead of giving you another pen or notebook, we want to give you something with more lasting value: a chance to help others. Every year our global Give-It-Away campaign offers you the chance to decide which non-profit organization should receive the money that we would have otherwise spent on campus giveaways. It's up to you to decide which organization from our shortlist should receive the regional donation.

A history of giving.

We have been running this program for eight years and have committed over US$450,000 to organizations that you chose to support. From career development to financial literacy, that money is at work right now and is improving lives across the globe.
Last year, selected by over 10,000 students, three amazing charities (Accion East, Aflatoun and Grameen Foundation) each received US$25,000 grants, allowing them to undertake invaluable work for their cause. Click here to read more about how our previous winners have put their Give-It-Away donations to use.

Vote to help us Give-It-Away.

This year, we have selected non-profit organizations from the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe to participate in our Give-It-Away campaign. We have a total of US$75,000 to donate globally – US$25,000 for one deserving organization in each region.
To find out more about this year's organizations and to submit your vote, select your region from the options below:

Please click here to read the Official Give-It-Away Program Rules