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Give-It-Away Organizations - Europe, Middle East & Africa

Congratulations to this year's EMEA Give-It-Away donation recipient, Sport dans la Ville!

Sport dans la Ville will use the donation to expand their program of using sports as a means to encourage young people to develop their teamwork, leadership and social integration skills.

“Sport dans la Ville would like to thank J.P. Morgan for selecting us to be part of the 2014 EMEA Give-It-Away Campaign. This success would not have been possible without incredible mobilization from all of the supporters of Sport dans la Ville. The donation will enable us to expand our programs in a new area of Paris, where social needs and difficulties are rampant.”

Philippe Oddou, CEO, Sport dans la Ville

Sport dans la Ville was founded in March 1998 in Lyon, France, with the goal of creating a sports activities program that could be used to help underprivileged children who live in difficult neighborhoods.

Around 4,000 children are currently involved. Sports and activities offered include soccer and basketball while two long summer camps and one winter camp take place each year involving 300 children. An international exchange program also operates every summer involving 30 children and is run in conjunction with similar charities in Brazil (Gol de Letra), USA (Harlem RBI), India (Tomorrow’s foundation) and in England (Street-League). The success is evident, not only in terms of number of participants, but also through the visible changes in the attitude and behavior of children involved in the project.

In order to enable youth, aged from 14 to 20 years old, to find a job, Sport dans la Ville has also developed an innovative training program with a group of 40 corporate sponsors. Every young person registered in this program is sponsored by a volunteer employee of a business partner, who helps introduce them to the professional world. 84% of youth in the "Job dans la Ville" program gets a job after the training or coaching.

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Thank you to TechnoServe and WorkingRite for participating in this year's Give-It-Away program. Read more about their missions below.


WorkingRite is a youth employment charity in the UK. They help vulnerable, disadvantaged young people who are struggling to find work and are most at risk of being long-term unemployed. WorkingRite individually match 16-19 year olds to small, local businesses where they complete a work placement lasting up to six months and learn on-the-job, away from the classroom.

Through extended work experience and with the support of an older mentor in the workplace, WorkingRite build young people’s confidence, give them purpose and equip them with the skills needed to transform their own lives.

Over 80% of young people who complete the WorkingRite program progress to jobs, apprenticeships or purposeful learning.

WorkingRite currently operates across Scotland and in parts of England. If successful, they would use the $25,000 donation from the Give-It-Away campaign to help extend their services in England, reaching even more young people in need of their life-changing employment program.

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TechnoServe is a nonprofit organization that applies business solutions to poverty and links small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs to information, training, resources and markets. In 2013, TechnoServe’s work helped transform the lives of 2.2 million people by reaching 420,750 farmers, 3,680 businesses and assisting in the creation of 9,790 new jobs.

As an organization, TechnoServe's vision is to be the most effective catalyst and partner for transformative, on-the-ground solutions to poverty by:

  • Working in poor communities in more than 30 countries throughout Africa, Latin America and Asia
  • Believing in the power of private enterprise to lift individuals, families and communities out of poverty

After four decades of proven results, TechnoServe has set an ambitious goal to double its impact by 2017. The Give-It-Away donation of $25,000 will support their efforts to pursue programs that reflect their five key priorities:

  • Promote job creation
  • Engage and benefit women
  • Target young people
  • Pursue emerging opportunities such as communication technologies
  • Focus on strategic partnerships that allow TechnoServe to increase the scale of their work

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