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Human Resources

Our firmwide programs offer rich career experiences, exposing you to our diverse business areas and teams. We offer opportunities in our wholesale businesses — Asset Management and the Corporate & Investment Bank — retail businesses –- Consumer & Community Banking and Commercial Banking – as well as our Corporate Sector, which includes Private Equity, the Chief Investment Office and Corporate staff units. Our programs are either full-time or summer roles and are predominantly rotational throughout the core functions of the team.

Covering both our retail and wholesale offerings, our cross-business programs offer a well-rounded opportunity to learn about our first-class operation. You’ll gain access to all areas of the business, providing a broad scope for personal development from your first day and throughout your career. Multi-functional teams are the norm — we share ideas and build business strategies through collaboration. Whether you work in J.P. Morgan or Chase, you will work alongside one of the most talented teams in the industry, as you gain insight into the dynamic financial services marketplace.

Ensuring that talent drives our business

Managing talent is critical to the success of every team in the firm. By working closely with individual business leaders, our Human Resources teams help with strategy development, planning and project management. By aligning talent with business goals, we fuel the success of our projects, departments, businesses and the firm.

We drive performance management, training and development needs, recruiting and diversity initiatives. With talented people working in collaboration, our firm can consistently outperform the competition.



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