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Operations is imbedded in every line of business to support the firm functions and ensure our businesses run effectively and efficiently. Operations has a direct impact on our capabilities and productivity, enabling us to manage processes and risks, while continuously evolving to meet the needs of our clients. Our Operations teams handle the end-to-end process management of all core production and client servicing activities across each line of business. It’s a vitally important division that maintains excellence across our global businesses.

Magnitude of an Analyst’s job

The Operations Analyst Development Program (OADP) is designed to help provide deeper knowledge of a specific business area's Operations. For your two-year direct placement, you’ll become a valuable asset to one of our teams, within one of the following lines of business: Asset Management, Community & Consumer Banking, the Corporate & Investment Bank, Commercial Banking or the Corporate sector.

Our work often responds to business problems created by market changes, so we look to you to execute and implement creative solutions. There is no limit to the impact you can have on the firm.

Responsibility from the start

Our Analysts play an integral part in their team from day one. Our businesses operate within a rapidly changing environment that will demand the best from you. Our OADP program is designed to give you a comprehensive view into the complex and exciting world of Operations. In return for your commitment, you’ll gain all the business and technical skills required for an outstanding future within Operations at our firm.

Training and development

The Operations Analyst Development Program offers robust training and development curriculums. During your induction training, each program will set the foundation by building your knowledge of our firm and the financial services industry, providing a view into what Operations looks like in each of our business areas, and giving you the critical professional and technical skills you need to hit the ground running. 

Beyond induction training, the program offers continued development in key leadership areas such as change mangement and people management, while also providing program-specific training and development opportunities.

Your career path

Our Operations Analyst Development Program gives you a head start in building your Operations career at the firm. The operations and leadership skills you will develop during the OADP program will set you on the right path for success at the firm.

What we look for

Operations candidates are expected to contribute original ideas from day one, so they need to have a natural curiosity to explore new and improved ways of working and demonstrate leadership in execution. They must also possess impressive communication skills, thrive in a team environment and work collaboratively, even in the most challenging situations.

To join our Operations Analyst Development Program, you will need to be a good team player with energy, an impressive academic record and a minimum GPA of 3.5.We are looking for people who want to pursue a long-term career in Operations, with an interest in leadership and management roles. A finance or business degree is not necessary but candidates must demonstrate a healthy interest in both areas. These attributes can be demonstrated through coursework, extra-curricular activities and/or previous work experience, rather than a specific degree or academic major. Be ready to articulate how your background will enhance your career at the firm. To find out more visit our Advice Center.


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