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Summer PhD Opportunities

We believe there are myriad reasons to choose J.P. Morgan as a PhD candidate. The prestige, the quality of work, the spirit of teamwork and collaboration, the chance to make a name for yourself, our reputation for innovation and our commitment to world-class training and development.

But let's not deal in abstractions. Why not find out for yourself? That's why an internship with us can be so valuable. Your theoretical skills will be tested in a fast-paced, real-life working environment. You'll work alongside some of the finest minds in investment banking. We give you opportunities to take on important responsibilities on the job, and help you build your professional network with your peers and senior management. You'll get to appreciate a culture where the people you work with are as important as the work you do.

Our recruiting process

Since PhD candidates are not always working on a traditional academic calendar, we try to be flexible on deadlines for applications. Demand for summer internships is intense, however, so the earlier you apply, the better your chances.

You should also know that we hire across a variety of disciplines for our PhD programs. Our PhD colleagues have come from fields such as economics, mathematics, computer science and even chemistry. You can join us too — if you have the right attitude and aptitude.

Learn more about our programs:

For detailed information about our application process, visit How to Apply. And be sure to visit the rest of our Advice Center. You'll find answers to frequently asked questions, tips on résumés and cover letters, and insights about living and working in New York City.