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Operations is imbedded in every line of business to support our functions and ensure that our businesses run effectively and efficiently. Operations has a direct impact on our capabilities and productivity, enabling us to manage processes and risks, while continuously evolving to meet the needs of our clients. Our Operations teams handle the end-to-end process management of all core production and client servicing activities across each line of business. It’s a vitally important division that maintains excellence across our global businesses.

Magnitude of a Summer Analyst's job

Operations Summer Analysts can work within any line of business including Asset Management, Community & Consumer Banking, Commercial Banking, Corporate & Investment Bank or the Corporate sector, allowing them to deliver excellence in our global businesses. We offer interns the opportunity to experience Operations firsthand through two distinct summer programs:

Through hands-on learning, formal training and mentoring, the ten-week Operations Analyst Development Program (OADP) will touch one major line of business and core functional group.

This is an environment where your responsibilities will change as quickly as the markets themselves. However, you will gain knowledge to become a leading Operations professional working on core processing, settlements, trade support, cash reconciliation, client service and business reporting immediately on the job.

Responsibility from the start 

Our Operations summer interns add value from day one by taking on responsibilities similiar to a full-time Analyst. Everything you do will occur in real-time, so be prepared to learn quickly, adapt to situations instantly and act smartly and strategically. It’s a demanding experience but you’ll find that colleagues and managers will be on-hand to offer support throughout your program.  

What we look for

You don’t have to come from a financial or business background to succeed here - although a healthy interest in both is vital to take on a role with enthusiasm. Your personal attributes are equally important and can be demonstrated through diverse coursework, extra-curricular activities and/or previous work experience, rather than a specific degree or academic major.

The challenges won’t stop, so the talent to assimilate new experiences and use them to your benefit is essential. You should have the confidence to conceptualize and execute ideas with speed and accuracy, along with the ability to communicate them effectively with members of your team. The most valued people in Operations are those who maintain composure and stay focused at all times, especially under pressure. 

Training and development

Over the duration of our summer internship programs, in addition to learning alongside your colleagues, you’ll benefit from a combination of structured ongoing training and development opportunities, professional skills and leadership training, business competency skills training and additional program support and coaching.


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