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Sales & Trading

In the Sales & Trading Summer Analyst program, you'll spend approximately nine weeks working with top professionals as they advise and facilitate transactions with institutional clients. As an integral part of a team, you are expected to make a personal impact right from the start. Following orientation and training, you'll hit the desk and learn firsthand how capital flows from the world's largest institutional investors to its most prominent borrowers and issuers. On-the-job training and networking opportunities continue throughout the summer, setting you up for a successful full-time career.

What's more, we hire most of our full-time Analysts from our pool of Summer Analysts. If you're serious about the markets, why would you go anywhere else?

The magnitude of a Summer Analyst's job

You will learn about various markets and products while working alongside salespeople and traders to gain greater exposure and insight into the opportunities available within Sales & Trading. You will interact and socialize with J.P. Morgan colleagues, creating your own professional network and rounding out an unbelievable internship experience. Each desk has different roles and responsibilities, but you will receive top-notch training and exposure to some of the same assignments as Full-time Analysts. 

As part of this program, you will be assigned to a Sales, Trading, Originations or Strategy role, specializing in either a cash or derivative product.

Responsibility from the start

As a Sales & Trading Summer Analyst, you will:

  • Monitor a variety of markets and assist in developing trade ideas in support of the trading desks
  • Attend morning desk meetings and deal meetings for new issues, follow-on offerings and IPOs
  • Listen to client calls and help field client requests
  • Attend client meetings with senior traders, salespeople, and research
  • Perform various types of analysis using fundamental and technical data
  • Become familiar with Senior management and their roles
  • Conduct industry and product research in support of trading desks and senior leaders
  • Prepare presentation materials and participate in portfolio reviews for senior management

Training and development

World-class, hands-on training will be provided – both during orientation and throughout your internship. The summer internship starts with a five-day orientation program. Throughout the summer, you will participate in interactive Markets Meetings that will help you learn how to form and express opinions through exercises in which you offer real-life market updates and trade ideas to colleagues acting as clients. You will get into the habit of keeping on top of market developments and learn how economic data and news events affect a sector or market. You'll have the opportunity to learn about product areas outside your own, through interactive seminars, small group discussions with senior managers and visits to other desks. We'll also provide you with both junior and senior-level mentors to help you out along the way.

In addition, you'll have the unique chance to participate in our trading and sales simulations:

Trading simulation: Our trading simulation is designed to train you on the core trading competencies. Summer Analysts participate in a computer-based training exercise over the course of a two-hour simulated trading day. Within the stated constraints, you "trade" in the market with your fellow Summer Analysts, preferred clients, banks and voice brokers. Your goal is to be the best market maker. A senior trader will observe and evaluate each Analyst and provide constructive feedback.

Sales simulation: A high-pressure role-playing exercise, the sales simulation trains you and assesses your sales competencies. Each Summer Sales Analyst receives a package of information and in the space of thirty minutes pulls together a sales presentation. You then have ten minutes on the telephone to pitch your "client" — a senior salesperson in the bank who reacts to the sales proposals you suggest. At the conclusion of your sales pitch, your "client" will spend ten minutes interviewing you, assessing your performance and providing you with valuable feedback.

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Applications for 2015 programs are now closed.


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