The first step to a successful technology career

Our Apprenticeship program is designed for Houston Community College graduates who have earned an Associate of Computer Science degree and are eager to launch their careers in technology.

What we offer

This one-year apprenticeship program offers a comprehensive introduction into the world of technology within financial services. You'll gain meaningful work experience in our technology center of excellence located in Houston.

Who we're looking for

Entry requirements

Graduate of Houston Community College with an Associate of Computer Science degree in 2016 or later; minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25.


Valued qualities

Strong communication and collaboration skills and excellent problem-solving abilities, coupled with intelligence, passion and a drive to learn.


Program perspectives

Executive Director

Executive Director


business applications

Did you know?

Apprentices at JPMorgan Chase have robust career progression opportunities.

The Technology community at JPMorgan Chase is collaborative and supportive. Everyone is engaged in your training and development.

Coral, Analyst

How to apply

Please note, only locations where this program is currently open will be displayed. If you're not able to find your desired location, please follow us on Facebook or Linkedin for program application updates.