Launch a career of leadership

Experience the firm’s culture of success through the inspirational women in various areas and at various levels of the business. The valuable guidance of these female leaders will help direct you in your career.

What we offer

The Winning Women graduate experience is for first-year MBA female students looking for an exciting place to put their skills and background into practice.

Who we're looking for

We want women who inspire success.


Key skills

Excellent communication; exceptional critical thinking and problem solving abilities; strong attention to detail.


Valued qualities

Intelligent, passionate and driven.



Early Insight programs that introduce you to the industry, firm and career opportunities

Did you know?

We hire students into internship and full-time roles from our Early Insight programs.

How to apply

Please note, only locations where this program is currently open will be displayed. If you're not able to find your desired location, please follow us on Facebook or Linkedin for program application updates.