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For parents

A career with us will provide your daughter or son with opportunities for personal and professional development - ranging from hands-on learning experiences and world-class training to supportive colleagues and mentors.  But like college, a job has to be the right fit.

As a starting point, ask your daughter or son to think hard about her or his interests and strengths, and consider how those skills can be applied in a certain industry or company. Careers sites, job boards and social media are great resources.

If your daughter or son is interested in learning more about our firm, find out more on our careers site, at our on-campus events and through peers, professors and career advisors. If your daughter or son is ready to take the next step, direct her or him to the Apply section. This section also offers advice for university students so be sure to check out the videos. We want your son/daughter to be excited about a career with us and feel supported along the way.

For career advisors and professors

As career influencers, chances are many students may have asked you for advice. Our site contains useful information concerning our application deadlines, recruitment processes, activities on campus, as well as more detailed explanations about the company and the wide range of opportunities available. Encourage your most talented students to visit our website and meet us at our campus events. We want them to learn about all we have to offer.

For student organizations

Over the years, our recruitment teams have developed deep relationships with club leaders and members. At the campuses we visit, our teams have partnered to organize events and meet candidates.

If you’re interested in partnering with us to plan your next event, here are a few tips from recruiters on how we can best work together:

  • Check first to see if we visit your school. If so, please directly connect with our interns on your campus, recruiters, or current employees familiar with your student organization.
  • Share your idea with us as early as possible so that we have ample time to discuss and organize.
  • Specify as much as possible about the type of event that would most interest your student members such as an informational overview of a financial services company or a dinner for female student leaders. Let us know. We'll bring our best people for the event.
  • Work together to make sure we have all the necessary logistics in place (time, location, etc.).
  • We're happy to help you advertise and can provide materials for distribution.