Risk Management

Balancing risk and reward

What we do

Our teams are responsible for researching, measuring and mitigating risk. Embedded in everything we do, our risk analysis is consistent and diligent across the firm. The goal is not to eliminate risk, but to understand, anticipate and manage it.


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Did you know?

JPMorgan Chase has earned a reputation for transparency and accountability.

How we're organized

We are responsible for developing and maintaining an effective control environment for our businesses. As the second line of defense, Risk Management is important to the success of the firm’s operations and provides independent oversight. To reinforce strong practices and discipline, risk management is embedded into each of our businesses across the organization. We organize our risk professionals around key areas.

Country Risk

Establishes policy and guidelines for minimizing country-specific risks, such as political risk that may affect deal terms or values, and is responsible for managing the firm’s total exposure to individual countries.

Credit Risk

Looks at the risk arising from a variety of client, customer or counterparty default across all of our businesses.

Liquidity Risk

Evaluates and establishes controls to make sure the firm has appropriate funding and liquidity to support assets and obligations.

Market Risk

Identifies and monitors market risks associated with variables such as interest rates and commodity prices, and establishes related policies and procedures.

Model Risk

Sets the firm’s policies, procedures and review processes to manage the consequences from decisions based on incorrect or misused models.

Operational Risk

Mitigates the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed processes or systems, human factors or external events.

Principal Risk

Oversees risk policies, procedures and practices for changes in the value of privately held financial assets or instruments.

Reputation Risk

Identifies and manages risks that may jeopardize or endanger the trust, integrity or competency the firm has established among clients, shareholders, employees and the public.


Risk Management

Risk Management Analyst Program - Internship

Spend the summer, contributing to deal teams and producing value-add risk analysis, while learning sound business and financial service practices.

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Risk Management

Risk Management Analyst Program - Full-time

Be at the forefront of key business decision-making, designing practices and policies to effectively manage risk to clients and in major industry transactions.

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