Corporate Banking

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What we do

The Corporate Banking team is the primary point of contact for large corporations, major financial institutions and public-sector organizations. We provide banking advice and solutions, while building relationships with clients across the firm.


public sector clients served globally

Did you know?

The Corporate Banking team was established in 2010.

How we’re organized

Members of the Corporate Banking division work in our headquarters and in locations around the world on teams organized according to three key client segments.


Help multinationals and large local corporations improve their day-to-day financial operations and make strategic decisions. Professionals working in this segment specialize in such areas as cash management, syndicated loans, foreign exchange, commodities and risk management. These teams work with Investment Banking counterparts to provide clients with strategic advice and help raise investment capital.

Financial institutions

Connect the world's largest and most successful financial institutions with a suite of wholesale banking products, including treasury and securities services, as well as asset and wealth management products. This group also works with its Investment Banking colleagues.

Public sector

Advise public entities on key areas, such as managing national financial assets, raising capital and setting up sovereign wealth funds. Professionals in this segment have a strong understanding of how global financial conditions, economic policy and regulations affect their clients’ needs.

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