Treasury CIO

At the nexus of business strategy
and portfolio management

What we do

We oversee a global investment portfolio used to manage the firm’s interest rate and currency exposure. We are responsible for developing and executing the firm’s capital, balance sheet, liquidity and funding strategy.

$2.4 tn

assets and liabilities on our balance sheet

Did you know?

We also manage the company's $14bn Retirement Plan by investing in a wide range of global assets.

Treasury and Chief Investment Office, What we Do

Our People

How we’re organized

You will have the opportunity to work with our global businesses in a variety of roles – from portfolio management and strategy to risk, finance and operations. Our dedicated teams are structured to support key business activities.

Portfolio Management

Strategically invests the firm’s excess cash in a wide range of fixed income products, including corporate bonds, asset- and mortgage-backed securities, municipal bonds, and government securities.


Manages the implementation of the firm’s funding plan, including multiple forms of long-term debt issuance in all major currencies, as well as short-term cash deployment.

Balance Sheet Management

Manages the firm’s overall liquidity, conducts balance sheet strategy and analysis and supports the firm’s transfer pricing framework.

Global Portfolio Strategy

Delivers best-in-class strategy and quantitative models for asset-liability management.

Global Risk

Helps the firm’s asset and liability management function understand, mitigate and manage risks, shape decisions, influence models and work with regulators.

Global Finance

Performs financial analysis and provides strategic support to the investment process as well as safeguards the integrity of financial data and financial statements.

Global Operations

Provides support and control for production of risk information, aggregation of firmwide data, timely processing of transaction lifecycle events, scenario analysis as well as completeness and quality of reporting to management and risk functions.


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