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June 2020

Many of us have seen a significant shift in where and how we work this year – including the global JP Morgan Chase team. With any major change it can be challenging to find your footing, but there are always opportunities to adapt and thrive. Sharing some of their best tips, four leaders from across the firm recently hosted a virtual webinar to discuss how they are managing their personal and professional lives in such unexpected circumstances.  

​Coming from diverse areas such as Wholesale Payments, Risk and Digital & Platform Services, Alison, Frances and Crystal shared how they are leading their teams through the COVID-19 crisis and offered practical advice for navigating this environment.

Their key tips to thrive in a virtual world included;

Get to know your clients and colleagues. This has been a truly human experience for all of us, and we don’t know what the future holds. Use the opportunity to make your discussions with those around you more candid. We’re going through this together.

Be more forward-looking. If we knew a few months ago what the future would hold, what would we have done differently? We’ve busted a lot of myths about working-from-home or working from other locations. Let’s remember​ that for the longer-term.

Be transparent about your priorities. Be open about your personal schedule. Do you need to log off to spend time with your kids, go for a run, or help with grocery shopping? We’re all shifting our schedules and reprioritizing. Just because you’re doing things differently doesn’t mean you’re not meeting the bar.

Ask for help. We’re all experiencing challenges right now—everyone has been affected in some way by this situation. Have honest conversations with those around you about what’s working and what isn’t.

Set aside “me time.” It’s easy to get pulled from one task to another at home. Without activities like commuting or going to the gym, we don’t have some of the personal time we need. Build in time—if even a few minutes—to think, relax, and exercise.

Check in with others. We’ve lost the opportunity for more informal catch ups like chatting at the coffee station or passing one another in the hall. Reach out to your colleagues with a quick email, message or video call to see how they are doing and if they need support. Interactions don’t always have to be scheduled meetings.

Give yourself a break. For many of us, we’ve never worked harder or longer hours. This crisis has also been particularly challenging for some people as they balance a job on top of running a household. It’s okay to relax your standards a bit—the house might not be as clean, or the dinner as creative, as you might normally like. But cheer yourself on… it’s amazing what we’re doing.

The webinar was organized by Women on the Move, our initiative that supports female employees by addressing the unique challenges they face. Learn more