Eye the future of financial services

As part of the Strategy team, you will help us identify and analyze the opportunities and obstacles we face in growing our global businesses and staying competitive.

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Shaping the future

Your work ultimately contributes to ideas that impact the future of our firm and our industry.

New ideas, new places

Our focus isn’t just on new ideas; we look at how to bring existing products to new markets.

Open your mind

See how some of the best strategists in the industry solve problems and develop new ideas.

Who we are

We drive the strategic agenda for the firm including our lines of businesses. We collaborate with senior leaders to solve our firm’s most challenging strategic questions and ensure we remain a leading global financial services firm of the future.

What you can do

The strategy team is organized into two distinct groups. Core Strategy and Strategy & Process Improvement (S&PI) work with businesses and functions on strategy.

Opportunities in Strategy

Where we work

Explore our featured locations around the world.