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May 2020

Working from home hasn't stopped JPMC team members from building stronger connections with their colleagues and taking care of themselves. Find out how they're maintaining relationships and team spirit while working from home.


Q: How have you been staying connected with your colleagues?

We have a weekly virtual team lunch. My department's social committee also holds quizzes on Friday evenings and it gets competitive! As a member of the NextGen leadership team (NextGen is our global internal network for young leaders), I'm working on developing virtual volunteering opportunities – we're in the process of creating a video to inspire students and offer advice. -Ali, England

Biweekly virtual calls with the team ensure that we are connected together! - Rishika, India

We've set up a virtual “happy hour' every Wednesday to catch up and talk. We can discuss our kids, show art or crafts, recipes or whatever, but we're not allowed to talk about work. It's a great way for us to unwind and relax. - Lexus, North America


Lexus, North America

Nina, Philippines

I am part of Events Management Team – Manila and we love doing themed virtual huddles. We celebrate teammates' birthdays and have their picture as our background to add to the fun. - Nina, Philippines

We have virtual meetings every Friday where we discuss the team's highs and lows, spotlight new and noteworthy work, and present a “day in the life” teammate feature. It's been amazing to see everyone come together during the week to make sure we're all staying connected and communicating on a regular basis. - Grace, North America

I've been organizing a fortnightly virtual 'pub quiz' where we all grab a drink of our choice and quiz the night away. It's great to have everyone on the call! -Kate, England

Even though I didn't get an opportunity to meet my fellow interns in person, we have still bonded over time. We often play Ludo post work and chit chat virtually, laughing about the elaborate party plans we made before joining. We've named these ‘connect sessions’. - Kratik, India


Q: How have you been practicing self-care during this time?

-I've tried to go for a run regularly. I used to play football twice a week, so I've needed to stay active to maintain some level of fitness. I've also started writing a daily journal to help me keep track of things I've done during the last few months, record ideas, reflect on goals and also set new ones. I think it's something I'll continue and maybe one day I'll write a book. - Ali, England

-I am being extra cautious about hygiene and increasing my intake of Vitamin C to boost immunity. - Rishika, India

-I have been using a workout app for cardio, yoga and strengthening classes that range from five to 30 minutes, which is great trying to fit into a busy day. I am also attempting to eat healthy but do let myself indulge in some ice cream every so often during the week. -Grace, North America

Grace, North America

Nina's Journal

-I love painting, playing video games, cooking and watching TV. I've been catching up on my shows and making abstract art I'm giving to family and friends. -Lexus, North America

-It has been quite difficult to separate home and work life these days, but I make it a point to have ‘me time’ by doing bullet journaling. It lets me hone my creativity, gets me in tune with my thoughts by writing them down and makes sure I get things done because of my to-do lists. - Nina, Philippines

-I'm trying to get out of the house at least once a day for a run or stroll, take some time away from my screen each day and of course, when in doubt, there's always the classic facemask! - Kate, England

-My mantra of self-care is to eat healthy and simply walk for an hour post work. It helps me rejuvenate! -Kratik, India


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