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私たちは、様々なバックグラウンドを持つあらゆる専攻の皆さんに当社の多様でグローバルなチームに加わって欲しいと考えています。とはいえ、当社には多種多様なキャリアの選択肢があるため、一人ひとりの性格・人柄・考え方などに基づいたお勧めの部門を提案し、皆さんの部門選びを少しでも容易なものにしたいと考えています。 私たちの最終目標は、皆さんの最適な部門を見つけるお手伝いをすることです。







Pymetrics Overview Page


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Getting started

1. Set aside 25-35 minutes to complete the pymetrics games. Make sure you're in a distraction free environment, and remember, there are no right or wrong answers.

2. When you're ready, click the relevant button below to start the process. Select an option based on the region where you'd like to work and the type of opportunity you plan to apply for.

3. You'll be asked to set up a basic profile through our careers site before you begin. Be sure to use your personal email address when creating your profile. Once you complete your submission, you will receive an automated email to confirm your submission.

4. You'll receive an email invitation from pymetrics to complete the program navigator. The email address you used in step 3 will be pre-populated when creating your pymetrics profile. It is important to keep using that same email address.

5. Follow the instructions on the screens to complete the games. When you finish, you can view a short list of programs tailored to you, as well as a personalized report.

6. If that program is accepting applications, you can use your same personal email address to apply. If applications are currently closed, you can join our talent network to receive notification when applications open.



Keep in touch

「Talent Network Form」にご登録ください。新着情報、採用イベント、採用部門、応募期限についてご案内いたします