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December 2020

We heard words like 'unprecedented' and 'unpredicted' a lot this year, but they didn't always depict the true reality of change and adaptation we all had to experience. Nor did they capture the unexpected moments of appreciation and gratitude that often followed.

No matter what, it's been a historical year that won't be forgotten any time soon. JPMorgan Chase employees from around the world took the opportunity to reflect on and appreciate what they are grateful for, thanks to 2020.


'Thanks to 2020 I'm grateful for...'

‘...the experience of educating others. From home-schooling my children to seeing our virtual interns thrive during their five-week program was incredibly rewarding. Although I would say the interns were much better at listening and following my guidance!” Chi Nzelu – Head of Macro eCommerce, London, UK. Chi was recognised as one of 300 People Transforming Business 2020.


“…taking the time to re-invent myself. I’ve focused on my health and I am training for my second half marathon. I have taken tennis lessons, made flower arrangements, and I have organized online painting classes with friends via zoom! Most importantly, I have re-connected with my childhood friends.” – Rosa Seguel, Market Director, Florida, USA


Rosa with her flower creation

“…every dark cloud has a silver lining: For me, 2020 represents a new beginning.” Jacqueline Susai, Specialist Branch ATM Support, Mumbai, India


Lee Corless


“…introducing social distancing. I have practiced it all my life but now that it is law it is great! Sorry - autistic humour, but it is actually true, I don’t have to get anxious about social interaction being stuck in my home.” Lee Corless – Neurodiversity Lead, Bournemouth, UK. Lee has been frequently recognized for his remarkable advocacy for neurodiversity throughout 2020.


“…the awakening of being just plain thankful for the things I already have; the things I will never take for granted again. My health, my family, my friends, my work friends, and my good life.” Chris Mossiah – Associate Software Engineer, Jersey City, USA. 



“… the experience of a less complex lifestyle that offered high value and a delightful family time!” Bhuvana G Hegde –Software Engineer, Bengaluru, India. Hear more from Bhuvana by visiting the  our ‘Our People’ section on our website



the power of connections and the great people I am lucky to have in my network. This year more than ever has given us all the chance to see the people behind the professional veneer – the kids, dogs, less than perfect home set-ups, and it has been brilliant. It has strengthened partnerships and let us embrace being human and more importantly not perfect.” Elaine BaileyVice President Tech Communications, Glasgow, UK


"…. all the extra time spent with my family, even if we don’t get to eat every meal together just hearing them laugh and joke (and occasionally argue!) while I’m on Zoom calls reminds me how special family is--- It has really been great to have the chance to spend more time in the space that we chose for a home with people that I brought into this world or chose to spend my life with." Tia Counts, Head of Advancing Black Pathways Corporate Investment Bank & Europe, Middle East & Africa


“…learning how to make some of my family’s favorite international cuisines. It’s taken a lot of testing and some near-miss kitchen fires, but I’ve finally mastered paella! James X Ferguson – Vice President Product Manager, Columbus USA


James' paella creations

“…my amazing neighbours & the South-East London community. They regularly checked up on me, shared baked goodies, added my items to their grocery runs, kicked off my houseplant obsession with their sage advice & were absolutely wonderful! - Ananya Gupta – Tech Associate, Bournemouth, UK. Ananya was a winner of the TechWomen100 Individual Award 2020.



“…for being able to put an end to my unhealthy eating outside. I have managed to upgrade my cooking skills from negative to maybe around 5!” Ami Yoshida – Equity Research Associate, Tokyo, Japan. Hear more from Ami by visiting the Our People section of our website.


 “…discovering the joys of cruising around on a motorbike! Despite not much prior experience, my husband is a lifelong biker and we decided to buy a new bike in the midst of lockdown. Now you can always spot us adventuring on the roads - he rides and I hold on!” - Michelle Osborne – Head of Emerging Talent and Military Veterans Affairs, London, UK


Michelle on her motorbike

 “…The smaller, simpler pleasures like a run in the fresh air and watching the sunset in the evenings.” Caroline Walker – Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Europe, Middle East & Africa, London, UK


Biko JJ Agozino

 “…Youtube HIIT workout plans which kept me sane during peak lockdown while I was working from home and gyms were closed. I am also grateful for my downstairs neighbours, who didn’t complain about the noise I was no doubt making during said workouts.” Biko JJ Agozino – Automated Trading Associate, London, UK. Hear more from Biko by visiting the Our People section of our website.


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