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July 2020

When college students across India accepted coveted Software Engineer Program internships with JPMorgan Chase, they envisioned spending the summer at the firm's locations in Mumbai, Bengaluru or Hyderabad, and enjoying the experience of working in an office.

The global pandemic prevented those internships from taking place in-person, but the interns still gained the opportunity to work for JPMorgan Chase virtually. Any initial apprehension about completing an internship remotely soon passed as the interns began working on tasks through the firm's meaningful social good project. During the 4-week virtual internship, the interns built technical solutions to help four nonprofit organizations better serve their communities. 


The interns were also able to take part in interactive sessions with senior leaders and mentors across the firm, and participated in Business Resource Groups such as Women On The Move. The groups connect employees with shared interests to enhance the firm's work-life balance and diversity, equity & inclusion efforts. Interns enjoyed technical workshops, an Indian sign language session, a Pride month celebration and other opportunities to keep them engaged in the firm's workplace culture. Neha was on a team tasked with building a virtual companion for children to improve their learning experience while providing feedback on their performance. The project was completed for the AIM Foundation, a nonprofit that works to address adversities many disadvantaged students face while pursuing an education.

Pranati Tyagi working from home

Other interns worked on teams to build solutions for Camp Diaries, an organization that sponsors weekend enrichment programs for children from lower-income schools; Learning Curve Foundation, which implements social-emotional learning programs in schools; and WinVinaya Foundation, which helps disadvantaged candidates gain employment. Assignments included building platforms to help Indian sign language users communicate with the wider community and solutions to help teachers and volunteers connect with their students.

While these projects kept interns engaged, they also learned about the workplace from top executives who spoke to them during the senior leader series.

“The sessions were extremely inspirational," said Tiyas. “It was good to hear about the senior leaders' career journey, how they made it, and giving valuable career advice for our careers. Opportunities may present itself, but it is on us to explore and keep learning and developing ourselves."

The interns also were pleased to discover how much access they had to supervisors and other managers, helping them feel empowered to ask questions, present ideas and develop solutions.

“From day one, we had the opportunity to interact with top executives on a daily basis. The comfort of asking them questions without hesitation, communicating with them as if they were your friends, and the vast amount of knowledge shared made this internship the most memorable four weeks of my life," said Ruchi. 


I never thought I would be able to contribute to building a real solution to aid the education of the underprivileged during my internship. I was surprised when I learned we were going to work for such a great cause and that our ideas would be put to use in the future.

Neha, Intern

Internship Insights

“I always thought senior leaders would not entertain an email from an intern, to my surprise, they were very responsive. I felt greatly valued." - Aayush

“The Social Good Project is unlike anything I had ever worked on before. The thought of bringing a smile to the faces of these children is what motivated me to go the extra mile." - Neha

“I participated in a social good project that built a platform to help convey the thoughts of people who communicate in Indian sign language. I did not expect that I would get to work on such a great initiative to work on a real-life problem. JPMorgan Chase ensured that our experience was meaningful." -Pranati


Ruchi Mehta working from home

“Every senior leader session inspired me. They talked to us about developing our career trajectory, understanding the importance of using failure to our benefit and the $11+ billion JPMorgan Chase invest in technology annually. I was also amazed to see the amount of respect given to each intern." - Ruchi

“The social good project was the highlight of the internship at JPMorgan Chase. The thought that my idea can yield change in millions of children’s’ lives encouraged me to do my best. My mentors patted my back – virtually -- for my solution." -Sahil

“JPMorgan Chase puts a lot of emphasis on diversity, equity & inclusion. People might also be surprised to know about the social good programs JPMorgan Chase initiates – from helping nonprofit organizations, to adopting lakes in cities, and looking after their waste management. The firm is so much more than a leading bank – it is a community of people trying to make a difference." -Tiyas

“The internship was one of the best and most unique experiences of my life. The proudest moment was coming up with a workable solution to a difficult problem in just 3-4 weeks. The projects we worked on were not standalone or sample projects, but real-life projects. My perspective of JPMorgan Chase changed completely after my internship – it removed the misconception that the firm was only focused on finance and not so much technology. I was truly amazed by the firm’s technologies adaptation." - Vishnu 

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