As the first part of our hiring process, you'll need to submit your application form and resume to the program or role you're applying for. Then, you may need to take part in a virtual interview before moving forward to an in-person interview if selected.  

Review the tips and tricks below to help you through the hiring process.

Building Your Resume

Your resume helps give us a great snapshot of your background and is an important part of the hiring process. Be sure to:


Spend time reflecting your skills and abilities. Highlight specific examples of attributes (e.g. self-discipline, collaboration, detail-oriented) that you’re proud of.

Tailor your resume. Read the program info and job description carefully, and then emphasize the experiences and skills you have that match.

Keep your resume concise. Brevity is important. Be careful not to overload your resume with too much detail.

Review with others. Ask a few trusted friends, family members or advisors to review the document to ensure it reads well.

Do a final review. Remember to make sure your resume is completely free of any spelling and grammatical errors.

Taking the Virtual Interview

In order to bring your resume to life, we'll usually conduct a virtual interview. You’ll receive a link to HireVue (or CodeVue) – our interview tools used to record video responses.

We ask a mix of competency, situational, technical and behavioral questions so that we can better understand your academic and professional experience. Below you'll find some sample questions you may be asked during your interview. And while interviews are a great opportunity for us to get to know you, you should also get to know us - be sure to ask us questions too!

Top tips: how to best prepare for an interview

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