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How to stand out during the hiring process

Review these tips and tricks to successfully navigate our hiring process.

Building Your Resume

Your resume is our first opportunity to get to know you and is an important part of the hiring process. Here's how to make it shine.

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Highlight your skills and abilities: 
We want to know your accomplishments and what drives you. Share relevant experiences and specific attributes like self-discipline, collaboration and attention to detail to show us why you'd be a great fit.

Tailor your resume: Read the job description thoroughly and focus on the matching skills and experience you would bring to the new role.

Keep it simple: Brevity is important. Be careful not to overload your resume with too much detail.

Consult with others: Ask a few trusted friends, family members or advisers to review the document. They'll help ensure that it reads well and highlights your strongest attributes.

Do a final review: Make sure your resume is completely free of any spelling and grammatical errors.


Attending an Interview

Interviews can be nerve-racking. Here's how you can set yourself up for success.

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Research and rehearse
Stay up to date on the news, both general and firm-specific, so you can speak from a place of knowledge and confidence. Mock interviews with friends or family can help you practice your responses. Have specific examples of your previous experience that reflect the competencies of the opportunity you are applying for.

Prepare questions for our team
The interview is an opportunity for you to learn more about JPMorgan Chase and the role you are applying to.

Plan your environment
For virtual or phone interviews, test technology and connection prior to your interview to avoid any last-minute technical difficulties. And make sure you take the interview from a quiet, uninterrupted area.

Remember interview etiquette
No matter the format, be on time, dress appropriately and conduct yourself in a professional manner. Send a thank you note to your interviewer(s) expressing your continued excitement for the opportunity.



Sample Interview Questions

To give you an idea of the types of questions you may be asked during the interview, we've listed sample questions below.