Answer capital needs, meet investor demand

Whatever your desired role – and there are many in this division, working in the Corporate & Investment Bank’s Markets group puts you at the epicenter of global financial.

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Global market maker

We align investor needs with capital needs, the implications of which are far reaching.

Unparalleled expertise

We are one of the world's largest trading firms, renowned globally for our breadth of services.

Long-term opportunity

We are committed to the long-term career development of our Research, Sales and Trading professionals.

Who we are

We provide liquidity, insights, analytics, and competitive pricing across global asset classes to our issuer and investor clients. We research and identify opportunities and risks, and develop and execute complex financial transactions.

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What you can do

Within Markets, our Sales, Trading & Research teams have very distinct functions. However they work in tandem to serve the needs of the world’s largest public and private corporate institutional and investor clients.

Opportunities in Markets

Where we work

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