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Software Engineer Lead


Deploying New, Complex Technologies with a Global Impact

Collaboration is critical to solving complicated processes

I’m an engineer on a team that facilitates creation and deployment of new technology or enhancements to applications for use globally across JPMorgan Chase. Introducing new technology to an existing process, no matter how small, can have a huge impact on critical processes. For example, we had two new complex processes introduced that were needed to deploy new modules onto a central repository for release. While performing pre-requisite end-to-end tests in a live, mirrored environment, we discovered our approach would slow the release. There were several other deployments, including a firmwide test, waiting behind this one, so ours was critical and time was of the essence. We collaborated with all stakeholders to correct the pre-requisite process, refine our approach and get our services into production just before the planned deadline. As a result, the services were available before the relevant markets opened for our clients, which was our key success metrics.

From studying in Nigeria to becoming a technologist in Glasgow

I joined the firm in 2018 as a DevOps Software Engineer. I have lived in many cities prior to Glasgow, growing up in Akure, a small city capital to Ondo state in the south-western region of Nigeria. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Babcock University, in Ilishan Remo Ogun State, Nigeria, After that, I began the National Youth Service Corps, a paramilitary service to the country, in Onitsha a city in Anambra and completed in Ibadan in Oyo State. I completed my master’s degree in Engineering, Cybernetics and Communications at Nottingham Trent University in the UK.

Tech and development communities expand leadership skills and professional network

When I moved to my current team, I also became the site lead for BOLD (Black Organization for Leadership Development), which supports professional development and leadership opportunities for Black employees. I started out as the site lead for Glasgow and went on to become the BOLD lead for the entire Scotland region. Training resources are numerous and very engaging and career mobility is encouraged here at JPMorgan Chase. A leadership team member nominated me for a Rising Star award in Glasgow. It was exciting to think that as a village man from Akunnu-Akoko, Nigeria, I could be recognized globally as a rising star!  

Career advice: Don’t be afraid of technology

I used to be afraid of technology, especially when I was new to it. However, I can say that, often our fears only exist in our minds. Break that way of thinking. Don’t be afraid to venture into something new. Be resilient and do not be afraid to ask questions if you are stuck.

On a personal note

I’m a family man and love my me time too. I enjoy reading, especially history books and traveling to beautiful cities across the world. I enjoy documentaries, movies and making friends.