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Information Technology Production Director


Managing Technology Solutions

A focus on problem solving and responsiveness

I lead execution and governance of IT service management. These functions include incident, problem and change management. I also oversee the rapid response incident command center, which monitors production infrastructure, application and batch landscape and engages specialists to quickly resolve incidents and outages for our technology and business users.   

Challenged to build a tech resolution and support operation in Glasgow

One of my greatest tech management challenges was migrating the user-facing support function from London to Glasgow. The new team spent their first two months in London working alongside the existing team, getting to know the business users, the work they did and the tools they used to do it. One of my biggest learnings from that experience was that building relationships with users and spending time with them to understand how they do their job is the prerequisite to understanding the new technology we are supporting, not a parallel task.

Endless opportunities and resources to develop and progress your career

I started my professional career in the service industry on the business operations side and developed a passion and aptitude for technology mid career. My roles have varied from support manager to production governance, and I celebrated my 20-year anniversary with the firm in 2022. What makes working at JPMorgan Chase unique is the many cultural communities you can join, whether you want to spend time with like-minded people or understand and embrace other cultures. You are actively encouraged from the very top of the organization to get involved and supported when you do. I’ve taught computing to primary kids, as part of Code Club and volunteered as a senior mentor for the firm’s Code for Good. Getting involved is a triple win—the community benefits, it supports JPMorgan’s values and there is career satisfaction and networking benefits for employees.

Career advice: keep your tech skills current, and remember, it’s all about people

New tech can take time to filter down to actual business use, especially in a highly regulated industry. It’s not always about what’s shiny and new. Never lose sight of the value of good problem-solving skills. It might be tech, but it’s still all about people. Relationship building, empathy and solid customer service principles will always be in demand.

On a personal note

I was born in Ayr, located by the sea and about 35 miles south of Glasgow. My career path spans four industries: agriculture, transport, manufacturing and financial services. My pastimes include a walk, run or bike in the countryside and canoeing, kayaking, boating and angling.