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Software Engineer


Building Tools to Run Infrastructure Efficiently in the Public Cloud

Helping global technology application teams manage public cloud costs

My role is in Financial Operations for the public cloud—a relatively new position in Global Technology that continues to evolve as our use of public cloud technologies matures. Running infrastructure in the cloud is a huge paradigm shift from running on firm-owned servers. We can spin up limitless computing in minutes, and if we don’t manage it properly, we can run up very large bills. I build tools, design materials, and work with global technology application teams to run cost-efficiently in the public cloud.

Technology challenges can be complex for a firm our size

Migrating a firm of our size and complexity, with all its security and regulatory controls to public cloud was one of the biggest challenges I helped solve. My role was to provide application teams a third-party hosted cloud sandbox environment. It had to be secure enough to meet all our risk and controls requirements yet be ‘open’ enough for users to have access to all the cloud provider’s native services to allow proof-of-concept work, experimentation and learning. Providing the sandbox solution has enabled rapid innovation and allowed teams to quickly learn the many different cloud provider services available and how we can use them to deliver value to the business. For example, the JPMorgan Chase machine learning platform started in a sandbox. It enabled us to design optimum security in a safe off-JPMorgan Chase network environment. It also provides an environment for certain ongoing firm-wide events, which allow anyone to be hands on with AI/ML technology.

After 15 years, I’m still learning new things, and I’m amazed at how much I’ve achieved

When I left London to settle in Glasgow, I landed my first role at the firm as a Solutions Architect. During my interview, I asked a lot of questions about the firm’s environment, technology use and career mobility. I’ve since held several different roles on various teams and worked closely with many people from all parts of the world. I am one of the leads for the Ignite Architectural Group, which has been a really good way to connect with and learn from new people outside of my own team. The firm is a great place to get interesting and challenging technology experience and build a career. I really enjoy working here.

Career advice: Don’t let your lack of technology experience prevent you from applying or volunteering for a role you want

Often, we think “that work sounds really interesting, but I just don’t have the experience.” If you have a good management team, which often you will, you will get the support to achieve what you need to do. That’s been my experience with the public cloud work I have taken on. That’s been my experience with the public cloud work I have taken on. I started out with no experience with the cloud provider’s specific technology, but just threw myself into it knowing I could lean on my team members, and together we learned so much from each other.  

On a personal note

I play guitar, sing and enjoy writing and recording my own songs on GarageBand, but don’t think I’ll be giving up my day job any time soon!