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Product Transformation Lead


Transforming Technology Teams

Designing tech teams to better deliver products and value to customers

My current focus is on product transformation. Specifically, I drive organizational design, helping teams adopt the product operating model for Global Technology. I support various teams across the 50,000-plus global technology organization that need help transforming their organizational structures to be fully autonomous and empowered to deliver value to their customers. This is a blend of creating blueprints, job canvases and other artifacts to help hire job functions that may be missing or underrepresented, like designers and agility leads as well as helping teams transform through consultations.

Striving to learn and curiosity lead to unexpected career opportunities

I’ve been with the firm 17 years and have changed roles many times. I joined as a Java developer, but honestly, I wasn’t the best. As I took on roles with higher levels of collaboration, I started to find my footing. I’ve moved between engineering and support roles for many years and then blended the two in transformation roles. My current position brings together the areas that I feel most strongly about—customer centricity, modern engineering practices and collaboration. I discovered early in my career that you learn more from your mistakes than you do your successes, so I always try to apply a growth mindset to my work. I still strive to learn new skills every day and try to keep up to speed with the latest technology as part of my weekly routine.

A culture of diverse communities of practice and a welcoming learning environment

Our learning and social good programs like Ignite (grassroots Communities of Practice), Innovation Week, Force for Good and the local Running Community are some of the reasons I have been so content at JPMorgan Chase for so long, and  it’s thanks to the great people that make them happen. I’ve helped lead one of our communities of practice over the years, including running programming sessions with up to 80 people at a time. In one of our Hackathons, we built a Kubernetes cluster (k3s) in a bunch of bolted together Raspberry Pis and created an off-the-grid network. This gave under-served schools a fully functioning source code management system with continuous integration pipelines set up to allow kids to build their own games. It was great fun for a great cause!

Career advice: learn technology and build relationships

Tech will always evolve and change, and the relationships you build and the network you create will be incredibly useful in your career, in my experience. You don’t need to have all the answers, you just need to know who to collaborate with. I’ve found more reward in helping my colleagues to achieve than anything I’ve built or delivered by myself.

On a personal note

I’m a sports enthusiast, with a particular passion for ultra-running in the Scottish Hills and obsessed with football (not the passing part)! I love spending time with family, especially now that my kids are older, and we can all tackle new and old sports together.