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July 2021


Early Insights Program
Hear from our Past Participants

My name is Varun and I joined the firm as a Corporate Analyst Development Program (CADP) intern. I was fortunate enough to receive a return offer that kick started my career here at J.P. Morgan. I rotated across three very different teams within the firm and currently work in a very specialized team called Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) Conduct Risk Controls. It’s a global role with exposure across the business focusing on the conduct related risks affecting our employees by applying analysis techniques to attempt to quantify conduct. The inherent impact driven nature of the role is extremely rewarding and allows me to see firsthand the impact of my work.


Varun, Hong Kong
Find Your Fit Participant

My upbringing was extremely diverse growing up in six different countries, which subsequently played a part when choosing my first employer. The most important criteria for me was diversity and a people centric workplace. J.P. Morgan offered me exactly that. Diversity was represented not just in terms of background but also in terms of thought process, experiences, and personalities. It was at Find Your Fit that I had my first experience of that collaborative culture.

Find Your Fit Program Experience

For example, all the volunteers at Find Your Fit came from extremely diverse roles and backgrounds. When a question was asked to a manager not from that business, they would happily link you to the person with the right experience and knowledge. This allowed me to network across the different businesses. Funnily enough, when I returned as a full-time graduate analyst, these were the same people who made the transition to a full-time role less daunting.

As eager students hoping to enter the firm, we are usually exposed to second or third hand information available online but often I found it biased or inaccurate. I found that the easiest and most accurate way for prospective graduates to gain insights into the culture of the firm and the role was through programs like Find Your Fit. It was through these conversations that I learned about their experiences and their day to day responsibilities. Ultimately, it was the effort and genuine interest that each manager or recruiter displayed during our time together that stood out for me. It spoke volumes about the culture and people of the firm which further enhanced my drive to join J.P. Morgan.

Career Advice

The best piece of advice I can offer to anyone joining Find Your Fit is to not shy away from asking questions or from sharing your ideas. Make the most of your time at these events. These programs are a platform but are only useful if you use it.