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News & Updates

Welcome to the Tech Digital Hub! Here you'll find updates & reminders, news & stories, and other important recruiter information. Don't forget to sign-up for one of our virtual webinars to hear firsthand from our recruiters and employees about what it's like to work in tech at JPMorgan Chase. Check back frequently for important reminders, updates and action items.


Full-Time Action Items

Congratulations on accepting your offer to join us in 2022! Continue to check back for reminders and action items posted here and sent to you via email.

Key Dates


April 2022

Look out for communication for Onboarding action items you need to complete before joining in July.

April / May 2022

Look out for an invitation for the Know Your Organization: Global Technology at JPMC session hosted by the SEP Program Management team which will offer insight into the structure of the organization and the work we do.

May 2022

Look out for the Know Your Manager and Role email which will confirm your role placement details, including the name of your manager, your JPMC line of business, office location and more.

June 2022

Look out for the Know Your Joining Logistics email which will provide you with more information about all the actions you need to take in preparation for your first day.

July 18, 2022

Your First Day at JPMC

August 1 – 12, 2022

SEP Induction Training is a 2-week training experience where you will be able to interact with your SEP class and learn about JPMC software engineering practices through instructional modules, games, speakers and a week-long team project.

You will attend Induction Training in person in the following locations:

If your Work Location is…

…then your SEP Induction Training Location is…

NY Metro, Delaware, or Tampa…

…Jersey City

Columbus or Chicago…


Houston, Plano, Palo Alto, or Seattle…


If your office location is outside of NY Metro, Columbus, or Plano, you will receive further information on booking travel/accommodations for Induction Training in mid-May. This communication will come from software.engineer.program.americas@jpmchase.com

Please do not make any reservations on your own.


Intern Action Items

Congratulations on accepting your offer to join JPMorgan Chase as a 2022 Software Engineer Program Intern! We look forward to seeing you in June!

  • Leading up to your start date, you’ll receive emails with updates and time-sensitive action items. We recommend saving these emails in one place and completing all action items as soon as you receive them.
  • The SEP internship role placement process has ended. You should have received a communication from your Recruiter regarding your confirmed placement information and received a phone call from your assigned Manager. If you have not, please reach out to your Recruiter ASAP.
  • You received a communication regarding the Pre-employment and Onboarding Process with important action items. We advise that you complete all pre-employment tasks as soon as you receive them.
  • Great news! We matched you with a STeMP (Summer Technology Mentorship Program) Mentor. This person will be a great resource for you to go to with questions. You will hear from your STeMP Mentor in early-May.
  • Please continue to check your email for monthly communications regarding the Software Engineer Internship Program.
  • Reach out to your Recruiter with any further questions.


Explore life as a JPMC software engineer with this free & self-paced virtual experience. To learn more and register, visit Forage.

Our Tech Lines of Business

Learn more about what we do within our different lines of business.


Engineer Spotlight

Jeffery Employee Spotlight

Omari Gaskins Jr

“Get to know one of us! Meet Omari Gaskins Jr.”

Full-Time and Intern Role Placement and Matching Process

Questions about your placement?

Reference our Full-Time Role Placement Process and Intern Role Placement Process docs for more information. Feel free to also reach out to your designated recruiter if you have any questions.

Our Program Managers will manage the end to end placement process.

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Two employees talking to each other.


Mentorship Program

Our mentorship programs are designed to help our incoming Software Engineer Program full-time and intern classes explore, learn and develop technical, leadership and interpersonal skills while being matched with one of our current software engineers.

Together, you and your mentor can create an environment to share ideas, offer feedback, and provide advice as you launch your career in tech here at JPMorgan Chase.

Connect with your Recruiter

Your recruiters are here and readily available as another valuable resource. They're here to provide advice, guidance and answers to any questions you may have along the way. For more tips and career advice, visit our advice center.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions on the Full-Time program, please visit our FAQs here.

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