Become an expert in financial markets

Become an expert in financial markets while working in a dynamic, collaborative and supportive team when you join our sales, trading and research group. You’ll research and find exciting opportunities for our clients, help them execute complex transactions and develop deep relationships while gaining a thorough understanding of markets through data analysis.

Sales, trading and research work collaboratively to help clients achieve their goals. The sales team is in touch with institutional clients about insights and strategic ideas that are executed by traders. All of this is informed by comprehensive research into financial markets and companies that allows us to give the best possible advice.

What we offer

Build the skills and knowledge to take your financial services career in any direction imaginable. You’ll join either our sales, trading and research team and begin to make a difference for clients from the beginning. By collaborating across sales, trading and research, you’ll learn the heart of our trading business and develop market expertise.

What you'll do

Working on one of our dynamic teams, your day-to-day will vary based on your team and what’s going on in the markets. You will use your passion and critical thinking skills to solve real business problems, innovate new client offerings outside of our traditional products, work on new models and cutting-edge methodologies, collaborate with our development teams using the latest technologies, and analyze data to come up with innovative insights for clients.

You’ll also write reports, build updated financial models, as well as research and support multi-billion dollar transactions.


Who we're looking for

We’re looking for inquisitive, creative thinkers who can react quickly to changing markets. Our teams need a diversity of thought to be successful, so we’re looking for people with different backgrounds, degrees and experiences. Those who work well in teams and are able to build long-term relationships with colleagues and clients do well here.


Key skills

You must have strong critical thinking and communication skills along with excellent analytical, quantitative and interpersonal skills. You’ll need to be able to work independently and with our teams to produce accurate, detailed work under pressure. An interest in financial markets is a plus.


$1.4 tn

in capital raised for clients in 2015

Did you know?

Sales, Trading & Research are a collaborative endeavor.

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How to apply

Please note, only locations where this program is currently open will be displayed. If you're not able to find your desired location, please follow us on Facebook or Linkedin for program application updates.