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Consumer and Community Banking Operations Specialist at Chase

CCB Operations is the backbone of the business and is composed of unique individuals.  We lead with integrity, teamwork and a solutions mindset.  We interact seamlessly with our partners and innovate for success and simplicity.  We encourage growth and develop and deliver solutions.

As an Operations Specialist, you will play a critical role at the forefront of offering options and finding solutions to help our customers.  

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Chase Operations Roles


In the various operations roles, you will take ownership of each customer interaction while treating them with respect and responding with empathy.  Using the latest technology, you will navigate through multiple systems while staying engaged with our customers.  


Customer Service 

Customer Service is at the center of everything we do at Chase, and we empower our Customer Service professionals to do all they can to make the experience better for our customers. They assess needs across Auto, Credit Card and Retail Deposit Accounts, to create unique solutions and resolve concerns. The goal is always to exceed each customer's expectations, no matter how large or small the request. 


Collections and Recovery

Take your problem-solving skills to the next level to help our customers meet their financial obligations across Auto, Credit Card and Retail Deposit Accounts. By joining one of our Collections and Recovery teams, you'll leverage your strong communication skills, resourcefulness, professionalism, and above all, empathetic approach to help our customers resolve existing payment situations and plan for future financial commitments.


Fraud and Customer Protection Services  

The Fraud team is the first line of defense and drives both best-in-class client experience while maintaining fraud prevention strategies and capabilities that keep the firm and our clients safe. Our Fraud and Customer Protection Services group plays a critical role in our mission to combat fraud and reduce losses. Whether this involves Credit Card, Debit Card and Retail Deposit Accounts our operational strategies are aimed toward providing the best fraud detection and protection in the industry. 



Valued Qualities

We’re looking for candidates who are customer-service oriented, critical thinkers and problem solvers looking for a launch pad to build a successful career.
Adaptability and open to departmental hours of operations while working in a hybrid home and office environment are key.


Key Skills

You will need excellent interpersonal skills to make connections while keeping customers engaged. In addition, you will need to be confident when sharing product knowledge and have a desire to influence, educate, and connect customers to the best solution.


When you work at Chase, we offer a supportive culture that embraces relationships, inclusion, community, and character.


We offer a comprehensive training program both self-directed and  online/in-person to set you up for success and then on the job training to help further your skills and development.


Culture of Inclusion

Feel like you belong as part of a team that values your perspective and actively looks for ways to better support our employees and a more diverse and inclusive future.

Explore our culture


$30 Billion Commitment 

Join our efforts toward racial equity as we work together to address key drivers of the racial wealth divide and provide opportunities for underserved communities.

See our progress


Business Resource Groups 

We have over 30 business resource groups (BRGs), enabling employees to share ideas, grow professionally and connect with colleagues who have similar interests and become an ally.

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We believe in community and offering employees the opportunity to support the communities they live in with paid time off for volunteerism and company supported programs.

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Career Mobility at Chase

One role, endless career paths. At Chase, we believe in giving our employees every opportunity to grow and reach their goals.

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