Leading innovation through data and insights

Our team of experts in data and analytics sit at the intersection of data science, research and innovation to solve the most pressing financial problems. We create solutions to help our customers and clients achieve their financial goals, improve their experiences and protect their information.

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Shape the future of the firm

Our data scientists are backed by our most senior leadership, an $11.6 billion annual technology investment and programs designed to foster learning, development and collaboration. 

Turn insights into action

Whether working with big data, top analytics tools, artificial intelligence, machine learning models or robotics, our teams collaborate using cutting-edge technology to drive real world impact and solutions.

Dedicated investments

By innovating and investing in our people and tool sets, we're able to maximize our employees’ skills by removing the manual work out of day-to-day processes and simplifying tasks to save time.

Who we are

Investments in data and analytics are changing our industry and the way we work. Today, our data and analytics teams, led by top experts in the field, are helping serve our customers and clients with greater depth, sophistication and innovation. 



Did you know?

We host an annual Data & Analytics Symposium, where our data, analytics, modeling and research practitioners gather to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration.

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Our commitment

Our data and analytics teams apply their deep academic discipline and theoretical expertise by working on some of the most complex issues transforming our industry. As a community, we help support 17 other teams across the entire business in 33 different countries around the world, and as we continue to expand, there are more opportunities than ever for collaboration and innovation with our experts. We have several programs, forums and networking events to help make sure our teams are connecting across departments to create best-in-class solutions.


Our opportunities

Across our businesses, our data and analytics teams offer a number of specialist career areas. Each of our employees is part of a community of talented individuals driving change across the company and making significant contributions to the future of our businesses.


Our work

Our Analysts apply their expertise to working on some of the most complex issues transforming our industry. As our teams continue to expand, many of our initiatives have real-time commercial and practical applications. What we do with data is fascinating, cutting edge and making a difference for our customers and clients across the world.

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The pace of technological innovation will only quicken as artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, distributed ledgers and big data will all shape our future.

Daniel Pinto, Co-President and COO, JPMorgan Chase

Opportunities in Data Analytics