Business with integrity

As part of our Legal team, you'll provide legal counsel and support for the firm's businesses, advise clients and help the firm remain compliant with laws, regulations and our own standards for doing business. You’ll assist us in staying true to our clients, shareholders, employees and reputation.

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More important than ever

Our Legal department is involved in every aspect of our business.

International opportunities

Our work in Legal spans the globe and touches all aspects of the firm.

Diverse perspectives

Our diverse workforce enables us to offer unique solutions to the challenges our businesses face.

Who we are

We work to counsel the firm on complex legal issues that include new product development, deal negotiations, corporate governance, shareholder matters, regulatory issues and more. We also lead in defense and advocacy work to protect the company. We are encouraged and supported in providing pro bono services in our communities.

What you can do

Legal has a range of practice groups; some are aligned to our specific businesses, while others provide support across the firm. In each aspect of its role, though, Legal has one client – the firm.

Opportunities in Legal

Where we work

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