A city of unlimited potential

Opportunity is a word you hear often in Detroit these days. We’ve been doing business here for more than 80 years, through the ups and downs. This city has an energy unlike any other in the U.S. right now. Come and make your mark.

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Why Detroit?

We have 3,600 employees in Michigan, and over 300 in Detroit. We’ve also hired more than 145 veterans in-state since 2011. Detroit is a very meaningful city to us right now. Come help us rebuild this city while you build your career.

Join a commited company

We’re investing $100 million over five years to accelerate Detroit’s impressive recovery.

Experience the rebuilding

Abandoned buildings are now museums; vacant lots, urban farms. New stores pop up every day.

Take in a show

Detroit has the second-largest theater district in the U.S, with 13,000 seats in a two-block area.

Career areas

We’re the largest consumer mortgage lender in Michigan, as well as the largest depository market shareholder. Our teams here care deeply about their careers and their city. Work with us in Detroit, and help make a real difference.

Our industry-leading team connects customers with sustainable lending solutions that meet their needs and helps them through the life of their loans.

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More than 60 million customers trust us to provide innovative and comprehensive services ranging from routine banking to major life event planning. The opportunities are as diverse as our clientele.

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