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Employee Stories

'What Black History Month Means to Me'

Employees from our USA and UK teams reflect on the importance of Black History Month and how they hope to continue the conversation, this month and beyond.

2020 was a defining year for challenging the injustices faced by Black people around the world, and in 2021 we remain focused on making meaningful change happen. During Black History Month USA, recognised in February, we celebrate the people and the important contributions made which have shaped our history. It also reminds us that there is more work to be done, which includes our own commitment at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

To mark this moment, three employees from our USA team have shared what Black History Month means to them, following the contributions of our five UK team members who celebrate Black History Month in October. May the words of Toni, Samuel, Victor, Kwab, Jojo, Bernadette, Sonya and Robin inspire you to continue the conversation this month and beyond.


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