An eye for improvement

As an independent function, Audit provides objective assurance to improve the firm’s overall operations. Spanning the firm, Audit brings a systematic, disciplined approach to our risk, control and governance processes.

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Valued contributors

Audit creates an open dialogue and conveys objective and constructive results to stakeholders.

Technical savvy

Our Audit teams are comprised of intelligent, trusted and capable risk and control advisors.

Investing in our talent

We continuously develop our people’s professional and technical skills, and product knowledge.

Who we are

Audit evaluates the adequacy and effectiveness of the design of our controls processes. Reviews begin with understanding the business processes, continue with process flows and testing, and conclude with reports and presentations to management.


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What you can do

Audit is organized to mirror the firmwide organizational structure. Members of our Audit team are typically assigned to our individual businesses or corporate functions.


Our People

Vice President

In Audit, you get to see how our business works – the ways we deliver for customers, generate revenue and manage costs.

Stephanie, Vice President

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Where we work

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