Manage our most important asset

Our Risk Management teams help the firm understand, manage and anticipate risks. Our work covers many areas from gauging country-specific risk to understanding regulatory changes to determining credit worthiness. And what we do is constantly evolving.

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Far reaching

Risk influences everything we do from routine transactions to large, strategic decisions.

Critical to the business

We have invested substantially in hiring and training talented Risk Management professionals.

Intellectually challenging

Hone your analytical and critical thinking skills and gain insight into a vital part of how we do business.

Who we are

Our teams are responsible for researching, measuring and mitigating risk. Embedded in everything we do, our risk analysis is consistent and diligent across the firm. The goal is not to eliminate risk, but to understand, anticipate and manage it.


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What you can do

We are responsible for developing and maintaining an effective control environment for our businesses. As the second line of defense, Risk Management is important to the success of the firm’s operations and provides independent oversight. To reinforce strong practices and discipline, risk management is embedded into each of our businesses across the organization. We organize our risk professionals around key areas.

Risk Management provides a broad platform to learn about our business – our operating procedures, risk practices and policies, and the changing regulatory environments.

Jordan, Analyst

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