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Jan 2021

Sabrina, Human Resources

We want to feature rock-star employees who’ve been making a splash in our company. Meet Sabrina, our Human Resources Business Partner based in Hong Kong. She joined the firm as part of the Human Resources Analyst Development Program and loves to work and interact with people internationally and in the Asia Pacific Region. 

Sabrina, Hong Kong

Q: How did you land in the field you are in now from your University days?

I majored in Accounting & Finance back in University however I realized that I enjoy interacting with people more instead of numbers. That’s when I began to explore opportunities in the Human Resources space within the bank.

Q: What sparked your interest or decision to join J.P. Morgan and begin a career here?

The international exposure at J.P. Morgan fascinates me – I was eager to broaden my horizon by working with people within and beyond the Asia Pacific region.

Q: What is working at J.P. Morgan like?

It is fast-paced, rewarding and most importantly a supportive work environment. If I could describe in three words it would be diverse, professional and cutting edge.

Q: Tell me about your role in a nutshell.

As a Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) Support team member, I cover the Corporate functions business to deliver various HR solutions to the business. I am responsible for Analytics and Reporting while resolving employee’s inquiries on HR policies and procedures.

Q: Describe your typical day.

The first thing I do is check my mailbox early in the morning. I catch-up with my teammates and stakeholders and manage my time wisely throughout the day by multi-tasking and delivering solutions to our internal clients effectively and efficiently.

Q: Who are the people you work with?

My main stakeholders and partners include our HR Business Partners, Mobility, Compensation and Benefits team. I also work with HR teams beyond the region on special projects such as expatriate-related projects.

Q: What has been an interesting project you worked on recently?

I was given the opportunity to support the performance and talent management cycle during the recent year-end. It was very fast-paced practice and I gained a better understanding and insight into the business I support.

Q: How has your career grown since you started at the company?

I joined the firm as part of the Human Resources Analyst Development Program from University. I had the opportunity to rotate across three different teams within the HR function. When I graduated from the program I rolled off as an Associate in the HRBP Support team. 

Real Talk.

Q: What motivates you to wake up and go to work?

Curiosity of a new day. I hope each day will be filled with nice weather and kind people.

Q: What is something most people don’t know about you?

I learned to play the electric guitar for 6 years during secondary school because I was really into band music that time!

Q: How do you balance between your career at J.P. Morgan and life outside the office?

I remind myself to spend quality time with my loved ones whenever I can and to make time for myself. I carve out time to do things I like such as cooking, reading and listening to music.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to students still trying to navigate their career?

Be open-minded and flexible. Don't hesitate to try something because you never know what will come next.

Rapid Fire

  • How do you start your day? I get some fresh air and sunshine by the balcony and have a nice breakfast and coffee if time allows
  • Coffee or tea? Coffee definitely!
  • Beach or mountains? Beach - love its shades of blue
  • Guilty pleasure food or snack? Anything sweet!
  • Favorite pastime or place in Hong Kong? POHO neighborhood on Hong Kong Island. You can have a nice walk along vintage shops, small parks, galleries and cozy restaurants
  • Dream travel destination? South America - especially fond of Argentina
  • What hashtag describes your personality the best? #Adaptable #Curious #Intuitive
  • You are happiest when? Listen to good music and enjoy tranquility in either cafe or by the sea
  • Who inspires you the most? My parents
  • Best thing that happened to you this year? Picked up my interest in writing, which is a self-reflective way to express feelings and contemplate
  • Top New Year Resolution? A healthy body and soul, simple as that! 




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